Add Plot Directory To Secondary Harvesters?

Hi. I need help. I have a Main Chia Farmer/Harvester computer, and 3 secondary Chia Harvester computers running Chia version1.6.0. So a total of 4 computers each running 15-18 shared hard drives on the same network. On the 3 secondary Chia Harvester computers I have the Main Farmer Computer’s CA file installed, the “Farmer_Peer” option in the Chia Config file set to the IP address of the Main computer using port 8447, and “UPNP” set to “false”. Can someone please clarify if I have to add every shared plot directory on the network to the Chia Config file on all 3 secondary Chia harvester computers? Basically making all 4 computers with a mirrored list of plot directories in their Chia Config file? Asking cause I did that and now my main Farmer/Harvester computer is showing a higher number of plots than I know I have. Used to show 5K+ plots on the main computer’s Farmer GUI. Now it’s showing 15K+ after adding the shared plot directories to each secondary Chia harvester computer’s Config file.

Can you clarify this a bit more? Hard drives can’t connect to a network afaik so what’s in between? How is the sharing implemented?

Someone on this forum has a theory that running several harvester VM’s all accessing the same plots will improve his earnings. For sure the number of plots reported by the GUI increases, but multiple copies of the same plot don’t multiply the change of winning with one of course. Not to get back to that discussion but it seems your architecture does more or less the same…


Coping the CA folder from your main farmer node to the other three machines to some temp folder like c:\files\ca is ok, but then you have to run .\chia.exe init -c c:\files\ca\ so it creates each machine unique ID cert for SSL. And if you point each machine to the same plots the farmer should tell under plots that there are duplicates.

Hi. I share the hard drives on each computer using Windows Network File & Folder Sharing.

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Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I properly INIT the CA files into the secondary Chia Harvesters using Windows Powershell as you said. I can see all the harvester computers in my Main Farmer’s Plots GUI Tab but the plots are adding up to over 3 times what I have. The duplicates are somewhat minor and keep changing from time to time which is odd. For each harvester do I only put the plot directories that are physically on that specific computer within its own Chia Config file? As opposed to putting every plot directory I have in all in all the secondary Chia Config files? That’s what I’m not clear on. Thanks.

But why? My setup for the remote harvesters would be just the disks locally attached setup as plot directories for that individual harvester. Copy the ssl/ca folder of the node to each harvester and run .\chia.exe init -c c:\files\ca\ so they can connect over SSL with the node. After that you can even delete the ca folder with the node’s keys on the harvesters. But you’ve got this working so you know. Just don’t get the idea behind the sharing of disks :thinking:

I guess cause I’m not that knowledgeable, and I farm 25 other Chia Forks on the 4 different machines. The Forks need network access to all the shared hard drives with Chia plots on them. So in my head this was the only way I could do it. If there’s a better way to do all this, I’m all ears (eyes) :man_shrugging:

My main node and disks on that main node are point to by the config.yaml in farmer node, harverster-1 and disks on harvester1 are pointed to by the condig.yaml in harvester-1 and in config.yaml section

crt: config/ssl/ca/chia_ca.crt
key: config/ssl/ca/chia_ca.key
host: <-----this is my farmer-node IP
port: 8447

And you do the same for harvester 2 thru -XXXXXXXX boxes and you will have no dupes.


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As @xkredr59 said above, you just want the plotdrives on each machine to list the physically connected drives. This would be the same for the forks if you are running harvesters for those as well. Here is a visual of how’d you set them up. Also, there is no reason (for Chia) to share the drives on a machine, to another machine if you are running those as harvesters.


Thanks. I figured out why it was duplicating. I have the shared directories in an ip address format, ex. “\\Farmer1\chianftplot”. Every time a secondary harvester finishes making a chia plot, it auto adds the local version of the final directory pathway in the Config file. So the local equivalent of the IP pathway above is “D:\Farmer1\chianftplot”. That’s what causes the Main Farmer’s GUI to list duplicates. I went through and converted the directories into a local pathway format so it doesn’t do that.

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Thanks for explaining it with that visual. Very helpful. I reverted it back to local pathways in the Config file but left the shared network drives for the Forks. I only want to install one version of the Fork Farmer as opposed to installing 25 plus forks on each of the 4 computers. It slows down my computers to be running that many forks on each one.

That makes sense :grin:
Glad you solved the duplication issue for you chia setup!
One thing struck me realizing you actually have 25 more forks/software packages installed on your farmer/node system.
One bad apple is all it takes, so I take it you’re farming to reward address(es) on a cold wallet (a wallet which keys are not on the farmer/node so unattainable for any malicious software)?