Adding plotting and farming machines to my network, will they conflict?

Hello friends,

I am currently building more plotting and farming machines on Linux. In maschines i have GUI. Could there be a problem with this when the devices are on the same network?

Thank you

For plotting, no. For farming, yes – make sure you have port 8444 forwarded to your main farming rig.

I recommend plotting only from the command line, it is simpler and cleaner.

@codinghorror Hello, thank you for your reply. I was looking for information on Github/wiki/Farming on many machines. I understand correctly that it is necessary to install a GUI on a PC (farming and plotting machines) recovery about 24 words and set up about tutorial? This is only for farming PC or for plotting too? Thank you for you reply.

If you are running the GUI and want to run multiple Harvesters

  • Shut down Chia on main computer
  • Find your IP address on computer
  • Make a copy of your main machine CA directory located in c:\users\(your user name)\.chia\mainnet\config\ssl - copy the CA file; you can share the ssl/ca directory on a network drive, USB key, or do a network copy to each harvester. You must copy the new ssl/ca directory with each version of chia-blockchain– copy the CA file to the harvester machine – know its location
  • In new Harvester - follow steps below
  • Load Chia and use your regular 24 word mnemonic key to see that it works. Then shut down Chia
  • In c:\users(your user name).chia\mainnet\config file-- open it with notepad
  • Change enable_upnp: true-- change that to false
  • Locate harvester: farmer_peer: host: localhost-- change only this location-- type in your main pc ip address (ex 192.192.x.x)
  • Locate the CA folder you copied from main computer-- know its network location.
  • Go to command prompt. Type in or copy cd C:\Users(your username)\AppData\Local\Chia-Blockchain\app-1.1.1\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon
  • Make sure the (app-1.1.1) is the current version-- this is when version 1.1.1 is active
  • Run chia init -c [directory] on your harvester, where [directory] is the copy of your main machine CA directory and its network location. This command creates a new certificate signed by your main machine’s CA.
  • [directory] this is where you type the link to where your CA folder is stored-- if on the c drive then type for example c:\ca. The full line would look like chia init -c c:\ca
  • Then press enter. Once that process is complete *Start both your main pc and the new harvester
  • The new harvester may take a 10-20 minutes to start the sync procees- it will be a little bit slower- but should start to sync and will make a full copy of the blockchain to get to normal sync. You can create plots on that machine or copy plots over. It will only farm once full sync is completed.