Advice Needed on Optimal Queueing + Parallel Plotting

Hi All,

Gone through a lot of tutorials and posts but I still can’t wrap my head around the math behind the optimal queueing + parallel plotting for my setup, appreciate if someone can help on this.

My setup:

  1. Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 5900x - 12 cores / 24-logical processors
  2. Ram: 2 x 32 GB 3600 Mhz (Hyperx Fury)
  3. Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix x570-F
  4. Boot SSD: 256 gb
  5. SSD for plotting: 2 x TB Corsair MP 600 M.2 (configured for RAID 0)
  6. HDD for farming: 6 x 12 TB Western Digital 3.5"
  7. PSU unit: 1000W

Performance for 1-plot:
A) Phase-1: 6,500 seconds
B) Phase-2: 3,300 seconds
C) Phase-3: 5,100 seconds
D) Phase-4: 725 seconds
E) Time to HDD: 1,425 seconds
F) Total time: 17,050 seconds OR 4.73 hours for 1-plot.

Would my settings basically be:

A) Number of plots: 29
B) Ram: 3390
C) Delay: 120-min
D) Threads: 2

But I still feel this is a low amount of plots per day based on the above specs, would I have to add another queue or multiple queues and send those queues to different final destination drives to avoid bottlenecks there.

Moreover, if I do decide to add another queue how can I balance out the amount of active plots in phase-1 and other phases as well because I have a feeling there will be a point where my CPU will be overloaded due to multiple overlapping processes.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Or would I be better off doing 5-queues with 2 plots each on a 60 - 120 min delay?

Each queue going to a separate HDD to avoid any bottleneck there.

Aiming for 25 - 30 plots a day.

Why 29 plots? I dont see how you got to that number

@Voodoo I was thinking should I simply select the max for a queue so I wouldn’t have to keep checking on it or would I be better off doing 5-queues with 2 plots each on a 60 - 120 min delay? And then adding toping up the queues in the same manner.

Each queue going to a separate HDD to avoid any bottleneck there.

Aiming for 25 - 30 plots a day.

The parallel plotting concept is a bit difficult to put together for me personally.

just to clarify what do you plan on using for creating the plots?
Win/linux GUI/CLI ?

Windows GUI for now (Windows 10).

Must be win GUI as 29 plots is the max you can run in a que.

i run 8 queues (4 plots in each queue not parallel)… which i started off manually over the course of a day, (well 5-6 hours iirc) and i now just keep those queues topped up as they get low, adding 4 more plots as and when

intel 17-10700
32gb ram (x16)

3q’s on a 1tb samsung 970 pro nvme - standard settings but 4 threads
5q’s on a 1.6tb intel u.2 on a pcie adaptor - standard settings but 2 threads

these q’s share the finished plots to 4 external hdd’s

it is slower plot times than when i just had the 1tb, that was doing 3 plots in 5-5.5 hours, but now i am getting more plots done per day as 1 finishes on average every 1hr20 mins (ish)

Ok in that case neither options will work well.

If you make a parallel que, saying run two plots with 60 min delay. You cannot add more plots to that same que, so you have to restart it every time it finishes. It was possible but from 1.1.4 it seems to have stopped working.

So basically you have to create a separate que for every plot that needs to run at the same time.

So you need 10 ques to run 10 plots at the same time, each with a total number plots set so it keeps running after a plot finishes. I would not put 29 you que will just fill up and 10 is already mutiple days of plotting.
And start each que 20 minutes after the previous one.

If your system can do the 10 plots in 8 hours each, you should get 30 plots a day.
But, it might be it will be slower than that. So maybe you should start our with 6 or 8 ques and then see how the plot times are and add a few more if you feel the system can handle it.

i heard this but it’s working for me… it does seem to pick a random plot form the q and not the next one you think it’s gonna be, but it’s working…

oh that’s good news. I’ll try that again then.

When I tried it last, it started the first plot of the newly added ones right away. I then I heard from someone else that they also where not triggered with when one from the original que finished so I stopped trying.

How do you add the new plots to the que? with “add plot to que” or “parallel plot”

and i have q1, q2, q3 etc if you don’t name the q it goes to the “default” q

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I strongly recommend checking out this blog entry from @blueoxx.

I’m gonna edit that into the category description too.

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Strange, this doesn’t work for me. When I add any plot to the existing que, it just starts right away.

Anyway, I have SWAR plot manager running now, and that seems to work really well

Highly recommend using Swars plot manager if sticking to win. I’m currently 29/24hrs with a single Gen3 NVME which i think is pretty decent. 8 plots / 45min stagger.