[Advice] - Sata to USB


I just got my hands on about 40x 3.1" free 320gb hard drives, one case and one PS.

Thinking in buying some cheap components and add a rig with this, but since the drives are small i wanted a cheap solution to connect all this

I was imagining to connect the hard drives to the power supply and then find a cheap sata to usb cable just for data, but i am not being able to find that solution. It does not exist?

Otherwise, Jbod solutions are expensive and 40 external hard drive cases + usb expanders are also not cheap

other option be to buy 3x16 ports sata controllers but Also it is not cheap!

Any suggestions to take advantage of this 12TB? Seams like that is cheaper just to put them aside and buy just one 12tb HDD

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Please don’t waste your time… A single plot cab be 106gb so you can fit just three plots on a single 320gb disk, your going to create a big jumble of junk…

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To tinker, the cheapest will be an older ATX motherboard with 7 or 8 SATA ports and just scrapping the rest of the drives. Best bang for your buck would be to sell the 40 drives if you can find a buyer and buy a 10 or 12 TB drive off of EBay instead though.

And once he gets hooked he can fill 50 18TB disks etc…


Hooked i already am, currently farming 200tb already :sweat_smile:

Already 200tb and wanna add 40 drives just for 12tb… that’s just madness

I don’t even bother with 12TB drives, I got rid of my last three 14TB drives last month.


I hear you, like that @Fuzeguy who only has 22TB disks :partying_face:

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What is your KWH electricity price?

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Now you’re going to wish you didn’t ask that, it’s a tricky one, standard rate would be 31p (£0.31) per kWh.

But I have 8.74 kW of solar panels, and 29 kWh of battery storage, and on a tariff called Flux by Octopus Energy.

I charge off peak between 2am and 5am at 18.54p
Once the sun comes up all excess is exported at 19.9p per kWh.
Between 4pm and 7pm I force export about 18kWh and any excess solar at the time at 32.26p per kWh.

Basically any electric we use is electric not exported, so that generally costs me 19.9p per kWh in lost revenue as I haven’t exported it, but if that could have gone to charge the batteries, then I could of exported at peak at 32.25p per kWh, so actual cost depends on the day.

Through the summer my electric bill is negative, my electricity costs for the last 4 months is -£578, that means Octopus pays me :grin: Obviously if I wasn’t running a server for Chia and other stuff they’d be paying me even more.

Its only this year that we’ve actually been paid decent money for exported electric, which is great but turns the whole idea of solar = free electric on its head. Obviously I had big installations costs for the solar though - I kind of over did it, the system I installed will power the whole house in the event of a power cut, only way I’d know there was a power cut is by the notification on my phone :smiley:


I don’t know how much your electricity costs, but I wouldn’t be able to spin 320 gb HDD and have them make enough chia in a month to pay the power bill. So it would just lose money.

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