After last client upgrade I have spinning Full Node

Hi guys, anyone knows how to solve this without having to erase the DB?

You are not connected. So none of the other fields will populate.

Do you have a working internet connection on the computer from the screen capture?

Yep connected to the internet just fine. Most likely is the blockchain db but I just don’t want to sync all back again

I suspect that the blockchain does not become a factor, until after Chia has a connection to your internet service. According to your screen-shot, that connection is not currently present.

When you installed your newer Chia version, were you presented with requests to open ports on your firewall?

Did you click in the affirmative to those requests?

I am not certain that opening those ports would be required for syncing. But if it is required, and you did not acquiesce to the request to open the ports, then that might be why you are not connected.

If you were on flexpool you could just run the farmer as a backup so you don’t lose money while you figure it out :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said I think this question/problem is pretty common I’d suggest searching your pools discord.

It does, it needs to be read.

@cojarbi I used to see this for a while when db was on hdd, moving it to ssd stopped it, but it always used to load just took some time.

If you’ve left it a while and its still knackered , id tend to agree with your analysis, db corruption.

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Restart your Chia, and check your debug log. If you see a line stating that db is not open (or something like that), that would suggest you have problems with db, and potentially the only way to move forward is to kill it, and start from scratch. (I was just working on a very similar / exact) problem, and we had to kill that db.

As @Bones stated, if Chia cannot read your db, it gets stuck like that.

Thanks guys, I started to sync from zero but now …

It just syncs a bit and bam

Is chia on a hdd, ssd, or m.2, sd card?

Well that’s dumb. I ran out of space.