All plots pass Plots Check, not all show up in the farm

I’m running a harvester on a Raspberry Pi with external drives. One of the drives has 69 plots, and they all pass the plots check with -n 5. However, the farmer on a remotely connected machine only sees 67 of them.

When I unmount the drive, 67 plots are removed from the total being challenged from that harvester. All plots have the same user:group, and the same linux permissions. All plots have the same farmer and pool public keys. There are no filesystem errors on that drive. Other identical drives are showing all the plots that are there.

Any ideas on what else to check?

Edit: through sequential renaming, I found the two invalid files, but I still don’t know why they aren’t considered valid when they successfully pass the plots check.

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Interesting, they pass plot check? Have you tried running plot check from both locations?

Oh, no, only on the harvester machine. I didn’t know the farmer could check plots on remote machines. It’s moot now, I got rid of the offending plots.

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