Alternate viewpoint on our current economic situation

Trying to do my job spreading some paradigm shifting truth virus.

My non-monetized playlist is not directly Chia related but is about the impact of events and institutions on all of our financial and political systems.

Please check out my playlist, “Some facts about The Federal Reserve, the BIS, Corporations, and exploration of the NWO agenda.”

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Glad to not see adrenochrome on your list, that’s just a stretch to far for my mind.



@Aspy68 I like you, you are a genuine person trying to help people and you ain’t easy silenced on this forum but I have to say I’m a scottish rite mason and honestly don’t believe all that mason conspiracy crap.

Do you remember the New orleans Hurricane Katrina …

Fancy Red Cross drove around with empty trucks to get free TV time … while freemasonry lodges united where building new temporary homes at the same time for affected people -300 housing places or something- (though that never hit the news) and this without asking for donations, just money from members and lodges itself …

Our base principles are: Integrity, Friendship, Respect and Charity

Fancy Red Cross asks for donations but well … to pay it’s CEO’s that drivea rolls royce with driver, private jets etc … and all paid by the Red Cross. Oh yea US wise former rear admiral Marscha Evans got a pay cheque of 1 mil USD as CEO of the red cross, hey gov appointed … paid more than the US President…

Recently at Belgium the Red Cross got over 30 million in donations for the disaster at wallonië (water) same story aprox 2 million is spent … where is the rest …

Most if not all NGO/NPO’s are enriching the people at the top and they know how to get political influence, well no secret the top are politicians or goverment appointed…

There is one that is falling out of the boat and that’s also one that manages 2 billion USD funds/year where the CEO only sees a 25k paycheque … pretty sure you know which one I say…

Legal fraud/scams or however to call it…

And I don’t talk yet about all those pastors in silk suits and where you can comb your hair on their shiny shoes … that’s another ‘legal’ allowed scam …


Oh I just recall something of the Red Cross, the dixy chicks or something wanted to donate a couple of millions to the US Red Cross, but as they where Anti Bush, and well the CEO of the Red Cross was Bush appointed refused it … If I recall correct

edit 2; economic viewpoint meh, corana aka covid-19 shaked the world … and a lot of countries as citizens (corps/indivuals) will be in trouble, helas not the pharma industry who received more than a few billions … from goverments and are making massive profit … and yet again it’s all political collored who has a seat where at what pharma corp

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I know my grandad was a Mason, but other than that Masonry has no relevance in any of the videos in my playlist. Neither I nor my playlist has anything bad to say about the Masons.

Agreed and covered by some of my list.

Yep, lolz! :crazy_face:

I cannot find anywhere that we disagree.

My playlist starts with George Carlin and moves to my favorite video in the list, “The Federal Reserve”. With your viewpoints I think you would love both! :sunglasses:

To be honest this is a topic that interests me, however NWO etc … meh …

I do have however a profound dislike for anything that calls themself Non Profit

But conspiracy wise (or not) lets start with e.g. the war to liberate Kuwait from Iraq … shouldn’t we call this the war for Oil… seizing control by US corps of Iraq oil wells …

USD is not like some think backed by gold but by the word of the goverment, lets imagine if the OPEC (Oil producing countries at the UAE) would say ok lets sell now crude oil for EUR instead of USD. What will the USD be worth ??? Next to nothing … US goverment can’t allow that … hence …

Also hence they dislike certain oil producing countries that do sell crude oil in EUR and try to disrupt, put embargos, whatever on those countries.

Control of energy gas/oil is what keeps the USD at value allthough the devaluation since the EUR seen the daylight is like what … almost 30% … 2001 1 EUR was still 1 USD present day far from…

Russia a major supplier of gas to Europe, a new pipeline has been blocked by US lobby work a lot and total costed a ton more than it should have due to the US influence …

Turkey… fighting Greece in international waters over some large oil reserves… which imo seem to be Greece owned …

Some African countries that are way worse than some other countries that have been attacked by the US have supersized oil reserves but the ‘corrupt’ goverment is US funded and US Oil corps drill oil … so no chance to get rid of those corrupt leaders/often dictators … no need to intervene as it’s all ok to keep the USD at value and get US corps involved for it…

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I am mainly interested in The Federal Reserve and on its effects on us. Following the money is often the best way to track down criminals.

I made the title of the playlist to be full of relevant search terms so interested people could find it but YouTube filters have made searching useless. Unless you put in a full, exact name you wont find anything Youtube does not want you to. Everything in the playlist is too factual for them to pull. The videos and the playlist remain but it is very difficult to find either.

I should change the name of the playlist as I now see it turns people away. On reflection the title just makes my playlist look like a conspiratorial mess. Here I changed the link to display so it shows George and I changed my playlist title to, “Some facts about The Federal Reserve, the BIS, Corporations, and exploration of the NWO agenda.”

I think the most informative and important video is the video following George Carlin’s short bit:
“The Federal Reserve”.
It’s all about the money …

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It always is, but I do think as pointed above a lot is to protect the value of the USD, not sure if GBP/EUR is alike … or Russia/China… with their FIAT which I fail to write now as abbreviations…

Protecting the USD has always been a priority for the Fed. I would assert that market manipulation and semi-regular crashes are also priorities of theirs.
As The Federal Reserve is owned by the Ultra Rich it follows their piper and has little interest in protecting the masses or the citizens of the USA or other countries.

The president does not appoint the CEO to the American Red cross. Here it explains the US Presidents role, which is mostly honorary.
(reference: American Red Cross Welcomes President Joseph Biden as Honorary Chairman)

Although high for the average person ($650,000), their CEO doesn’t make a million a year. That’s not that much for a CEO of an organization the size of the Red Cross.
(reference: VERIFY: No, the Red Cross doesn't spend millions on their CEO. |

The IRS requires all 501(c)3 non-profits to post a “Form 990” every year that details their earnings and expenditures. Feel free to check it out yourself.

I have been continually amazed at how long The Federal Reserve owners have continued to falsely inflate the markets. The international Ponzi of fiat itself may not last much longer.

I am not as sure as the Satoshi article’s author that crypto will survive the flood but am in complete agreement that the fiat flood started long ago and is about to crest.

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Article about The International Federal Reserve policies and what they have led to.

When stimulus ends and interest rates go up the game will enter a new phase including global depression and hyper inflation.

Will crypto be like gold, silver or better? Will crypto crash along with fiat?

I don’t know, so I have bet on crypto and the real metals that I can hold in my hand.

Be well. :smiley: