Always some blocks behind the Peak Height

Sorry for the noobish question, but is this how it’s intended to be? Under the “Full Node” tab, in the “Blocks” section the latest block I received is always some numbers behind the Peak Height. Sometimes it catches up but recently it’s almost always behind it.

In the debug.log I have a lot of double_spend errors, if that’s related someway.

Sometimes the last green dot of the “Blocks” list goes yellow and it starts computing something

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Show peer connection may be useful for troubleshooting

I have plenty of peers, 1 wallet 1 farmer and more than 50 full nodes, even added manually.
8444 is forwarded and results open when checking it from the outside.

At the time of writing this message the my last block is equal to the peak height. But it often lags behind.

potentially its an unfinished block that isn’t showing in GUI that registered, probably just a GUI bug more than anything.

Aaaand it got unsynced again. There are some problems IMO, today I woke up and found it unsynced. Had to reload the GUI and log back in. Now it’s unsynced again. Was working fine since a week or two, don’t understand really

I think I understood why this was happening. I set up too many plots on the same ssd that chia is installed. It was probably overloaded! Removed two queues and looks like it’s working now.

How long should it take to check a new block? How can I see if it’s taking too long for me?

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So you overloaded your farmer with plotting tasks?

Looks so. Not by filling it up too much but simply overloading it with plotting tasks. There was empty space left. I moved the additional queues i created to the secondary SSD and now the situation looks better. Yesterday night it was perfectly on sync, now it’s moving fast but it’s a bit off.

If the current peak is X my rig is at X-1 or sometimes X-2 but as soon as peak moved to X+1 my rig catches up with the last 1 or 2 blocks. Not all the times it can stay up to the peak tho.

Maybe I need to remove the additional queues from the secondary SSD too.

Anyways, it didn’t get desinced as yesterday so that’s a step forward.