Am i selfpooling after spacepool?


I was member of space pool. Now i want try self pooling. So i tryed quit pooling. On pooling page, i am still part of “black chameleon pool”, but it is saying "self pool "Is this looking normal? Am i self pooling now?

I dont want wait one month and notice that something was wrong. If i try join other self pool chia gui says “Error, Attempted to self pool when already self pooling”.

I think this pooling page is unclear, i cant figure out, am i doing self pooling rigth or not.

Thank you.

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Yes the terminology needs work here because you have pools and then pools, not very clear.

Black chameleon is your “pool of plots” it is the collection of plots that where made with the same NFT(pool contract address).

You can then choose where you want your black chameleon plots to farm for. This can be a pool like spacepool, or you own private pool(self-pooling)

So yes, from the screen you are now self pooling.

You can never change those plots to somewhere else than black chameleon. To which NFT the plots belongs is chosen when you make them and then cannot be changed.
But you can choose if black chameleon joins an external pool or if it it solo farming like you are now

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It is strange though that it still says
Pool: spacepool even though it says sel-pooling as well

The url of spacepool should go away I believe.

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I have 2 machines, with same keys. They both say same “self pooling” but it also shows that your mentioned “” address.

Check your config.yaml. It may be due to a wrong statement in the pool part. Search for spacepool in config file. Take a copy of the file first. Then delete spacepool address if you find. If things go bad. You can go back to your copy of config file.
I met just an opposite situation. When I returned to spacepool from solo it said change pool NFT was OK, but spacepool address was missing. Then I opened the config.yaml and found the pool section. There the spacepool address was missing. I manually entered the address and restarted windows. Then everything was OK.
These are bugs of chia software I think. Software updates some information in the config file but it does not update some.

People realize that going solo doesn’t magically create more money right……

Says the pool owner.

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I’m sure the $30 a day we get from xch pool fees is a big bribe :sweat_smile: almost pays for a few days of support from one of our staff. Or a couple hours of our aws servers.

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Pools are scam. Better Selfpool.

It is self pooling because next to Status it would say “Pooling” if you were in a pool and there would only be one button at the bottom “Change Pool”. But it is odd that there is still a Pool listed under the name at the top. Do as @ksevin outlined. Check your config.yaml file. If you need to make changes, make a copy and shut down the software. Make the change and fire it back up. If things go sideways, shut it all back down and put the backup file back. And a warning, .yaml files are very picky, don’t go removing anything you don’t have to. Don’t change the file layout at all, just delete the info you need to.

I am very happy with spacepool. Do not generalize if you had some bad experience with a small pool. Try a big pool like spacepool. I receive exactly same xch as I would get in estimated time. If I had an estimated winning time of 20 days, I would get 3 chia per month in solo theoretically (which is not so in practice). That amount is what I receive even more from pooling. So the difference is solo is a gambling, pooling is a guarantee.

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