Am I supposed to get "You haven't been on in a while" e-mail DAILY?

Every day I get an e-mail saying I haven’t been on in a while and here’s some stuff that happened. I don’t see a setting for that to change it and I’m not going to put more effort into finding it. I don’t need a summary every single day. That’s an absurd default setting if it is a default setting and not a bug.

Go to preferences → emails and turn it (receive summary) off

Not on by default though

preferences? where? I can’t find it.



As a note, when I click my account Letter button like you’re showing, Preferences does not show up on the list of options, so its not as simple as some might think. I haev to click the arrow at the bottom then I go to another page, then preferences shows as a tab. But thank you, you led me to it.

Oh, I have to click the head to see that list of things. Yeah, that’s a bit more involved than I"m used to.

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Yes, just as @chiameh shows. Click your profile pic (or letter), then out of the 4 tabs presented, click the little person (the far right one). Then you will see the option you need.

It was on by default when I signed up. I certainly didn’t switch it on!

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Maybe it’s a box you have to uncheck at signup or something, dunno maybe i turned it off and forgot about it :grinning: