Announcing Chia Build Fund: 10,000 XCH for builders in our ecosystem

Chia Build Fund is pleased to announce a funding opportunity for projects and initiatives aimed at enhancing the entire Chia Ecosystem.

As a group of early farmers we have benefited greatly from this wonderful community. We want to see the entire Chia Ecosystem grow.

We will provide 10,000 XCH of grant funding towards innovative creators. We invite proposals from developers, researchers, artists, educators, and other passionate individuals or organizations who are dedicated to sprouting a more sustainable, inclusive, and diverse Chia Ecosystem.

We fund open projects that are compatible with the Chia protocols and RPC for broad Chia Ecosystem benefit across XCH and its major forks.

The application deadline for our first round of grants is May 1st, 2023.

We will begin making decisions on April 19th, 2023. Early applicants may receive minor preference.

Final award decisions will be communicated to applicants by June 1st, 2023.

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I guess, looking at your About page and reading all the extensive info about who is backing this project up doesn’t put much confidence in what you are trying to do.

Actually, it looks like the “Apply” button links to some scum website.

Since you had few long hours to respond and didn’t bother, flagging it as a scam.

Hi Jacek. I tested this on four devices and it absolutely does not link to any scam website. We are donating to projects in our community, I do not understand the hostility. Can I appeal your moderator action to someone else on your team?

Unless you are calling Typeform a “scum website”? That is our application process.

He has no hostility, you joined ChiaForum 11 hours ago cut me a break.