Another Synching Post : Can't Synchronise

I have 2 harvester computer on the same modem. One of them is well synched. The other is not Synched :

This one have been stuck at 4 117 117/4 141 123 for weeks now.

My port 8444 is open on the modem.

I downloaded the new chia version.

Anyone have an idea of the problem ?

Thank you

check your debug log. maybe your db is corrupt.

You best not run two full nodes on the same network, can give all kinds of connections issues.
Better set one of them up as a remote harvester.

How to do that ? Put in differen location, use VPN ?

I never had a problem before

It’s not impossible, just not recommend. In your case it might well be a database corruption like mentioned above.
But regardless, harvester is preferred to a second full node.

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Thats the doc I was going to post :grin: :grin: :grin:

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Now what ?

Please read the page Voodoo posted.
Farming on many machines · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki (

means you’re not using the right keys.

Is that after attempting to setup as harvester?

I am not sure, this haverster has not been modfied for months (same amount of plots for the last 3 months)

You don’t sync a harvester, you sync a farmer. So what you’re doing is trying to have 2 farmers, which is not how things should be done. Read the docs about setting up multiple harvesters. Or use flexfarmer for a simpler setup.

How is that when I close Farmer one (which is synched) Farmer two (not synched), does not synch.

In other words I close the computer which has never had problem synching, and I leave the second one open, and it keeps having issues synching.

I have been doing this for months now and I do not understand why it’s failing right now.

Maybe my files are corrupted on Farmer 2 ?