Any issues to be aware of if upgrading from 1.1.7

Hi Guys,

I’m a solo farmer, running a few thousand plots. I haven’t really looked at my system or setup since v1.1.7.

There seem to have been a lot of changes, but I haven’t been keeping pace. I’m not using a pool and i’m not plotting.

Is there any need or benefit to me upgrading? Any potential pitfalls if I do?


Latest version 1.2.10 introduced a migration to keychain. Makes it so your private keys derived from the mnemonic seed are stored in a secret storage provided by your OS. You will be prompted to do this migration and optionally create a passphrase to encrypt contents. Don’t screw it up :slight_smile:

Also there were issues reported about inability to access Plotnft in GUI, reportedly impossible to switch pools.

Not sure if we had blueboxes when you last updated.
It was advised to update to prevent any possible issues.

I would wait to upgrade untill the current network problems are over

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oh, wow, i haven’t even heard of blueboxes… need to do some homework.

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Here is a link with the latests releases and changenotes :