Any tools you need?

New weekend, new time to do stuff. I can code. What tools for chia would you need most?

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Hey there, I think it could be handy to have a script that lists all the plots that were created for pools vs the OG plots. Right now, that is very difficult to find out (I am only aware of using the GUI to see which plots have a pool contract hash).

If there was an easy way to identify these plot types, people who made a mistake archiving them in the same folders could separate them more easily…

Just a thought… thanks for offering to help!

This is a good idea, I was thinking of doing an MR to add a plots scan command. Which would be like plots check, but without any quality or proof checking, just file is valid and OG or NFT status.

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That would be awesome and I’m sure the CHIA community would love that!

Thx for the input. I have some ideas. Should be able to present something in 1-2 weeks.

Would you prefer something you simply run on your pc or something with a web interface that you can remote control?

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I would like a script that would allow me to organize my plots according to the plotnft it belongs to.


  1. Start with a directory of plots that belong to different plotnft’s. (no cheating, you must use the default plot naming convention of plot create for the plots).
  2. Organize plots into different directories according to what plotnft they belong to.

Good luck, have fun.

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I think the basic functionality to run it on a PC through CLI would suffice, as long as you can somehow pipe it to a text file… let me know if you want me to test.

I got bored of waiting for @Chia.Switzerland for this script and coded up my own version this weekend. I usually only write scripts for personal use, so if you wouldn’t mind testing this for me?

Will check out tomorrow am, this is awesome man! Thanks!

Do you have a already working code on github or do you thought to implement it then?

Could you point me to the script/code for performing offline signing of transactions?
I am trying to build my RPi4 into a cold hardware wallet, but I realized the existing cli api does not have functions to initiate an offline transaction at the moment, nor signing an offline transaction from the Pi.

I am not a developer so I have limited knowledge on coding, (my background have been using linux and managing a couple Minecraft servers and my own numerical computation systems). Not sure if this will be a vert difficult task for me.