Anybody see the 16tb ssd 30-60 usd on aliexpress? what's the hell?

hello Chia bros, I recently saw many lists on aliexpress show 10tb-16tb ssd only sold for 30-60 USD? is it all fake products? could it be used on store chia plots? anyone tried?

Ali express has legit products, but if it sounds to good to be true I prob is.

I’ve seen ppl who bought usb hdd, and it was a flash drive in a plastic case.

Careful with those. This looks very similar to how the microsd card started getting manipulated with fake storage numbers.

You get the SSD, it shows the stated capacity and it will inevitably fail on you due to the fact that there isn’t really the stated amount on there.

If this was true it would be all over linustechtips/reddit/twitter etc.


Hi, I did my experience with one of 8Tb, visually was looking good, but actually was fake. Mine was containing 4 USB sticks of 2Tb each. I guess that bigger drives will have more USB connected together. I was lucky that I claim it and I got my money back but is a scam. Uses the same principle explained here:


Thanks bro! I was worried about my invest on HDD earlier

I want the 100TB to be $500.00 for my birthday!!!

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I can do that, just let me knock up an anon PayPal account lol :laughing:, merry Xmas fella.

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Wallmart is also selling them online. I returned them the same day they arrived after testing.
i was really happy they didnt work!

You bought something, was happy it didn’t work, so returned it…

This defies logic.

Don’t trust Alibaba and the 40 million thieves.

yes bones, only because there was a moment i was trying to buy the max to bypass the limit. i was ready to buy and waited 1 day. then only like 8 were available and i didnt have time to coordinate more than 4 instead of 400 of them. and while i waited for them to arrive the speculation of them working only gave me a bad feeling about farming altogether

This explains a lot right. A friend got one and it came with 5 2TB ‘partitions’ which you couldn’t remove. I don’t know how they made them 2TB even, but I’ve read they fuse the sticks together somehow.

Also they can use seconds for the chips which are ‘supposed to work OK’ from the manufacturer with no warranty. You can tell because the names on them are scratched out.

The irony is she bought this because she thought being an SSD (technically correct I guess) it would be faster than an HDD. It was much much slower than an HDD.

In windows you can’t even make them Dynamic (its says removable) and make some sort of raid.

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