April 2021: Good deal on 8tb Seagate external drives at Costco


Looks like you can order up to 3 at once, for about $15/tb


And you should be able to shuck these easily:


Amazon still has some 16TB Externals also. With prime card you can 0% for 18months!? I am doing about 1.2-1.5 TB a day on these externals and having no problem!

I would stock up, shortages coming… im sure.

Good luck all!


not to shabby at all. anything ~ $17/tb is really good


I gotta say, if you’re in this for the long haul I would avoid anything under 14tb… the power efficiency per tb is so much higher on the larger drives. You will end up paying more for the “cheaper” lower capacity drive in the long run if you factor in electricity costs and hosting density.

(If you don’t pay power costs, then you’re golden :wink: )


Yeah I definitely agree with you. I personally now have a mix of 10-14tb drives by sniping various deals, but if/when I fully drink the kool aid and start stuffing hard drives everywhere I would only go for the most storage dense options possible.

Hopefully this can help some folks with tighter budgets though.


Yes you’re right and more and more people are jumping in which is a good thing. Good luck everyone!

I dont feel well about those drives. Chia is meant to be “green” with long lasting drives. The drives that are built into that case are for 2400 hours a year, so 100 days per year. They are pretty fast broken I guess.

Ended up snagging 3 of these just now since the deal is about to expire in a few days and with how bananas all other drive prices are, figured this was the best “deal” I could get. Will put these into a 2nd YottaMaster enclosure along with a 14tb drive I have, and will dedicate these drives to plotting for the pool here!

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I’ve been back a few times and bought like 8!! :raised_hands: :laughing: