Are Block Win's affected by the pool?

Does the protocol to determine block winner change whether the farm is part of a pool or not? I am part of Spacepool and the winnings I get from the pool is consistently less than the avg daily win I am supposed to get from my farm.

What is worse is that, my block wins are 70% of what I got from pool. Basically, I won 35 blocks but pool paid me 100 xch so far. This is a very big drift given than I am farming more than a year in space pool and my farm is a middle sized one.

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No, a plot is a plot.
If you get less rewards from the pool then you should based on size, most often you are getting too many stal partials or something like that. Your pool dashboard will tell you what your reported space is that your share of the reward is based on.

I don’t get the rest of your story though

You say you won 35 block, that would be 70 XCH total if you farmed solo, 17,5 of which has been paid to you directly as farmer rewards.

And then you got 100 XCH from the pool, so totally you got 117,5 XCH in a year.

What is your estimated win time?


Thanks for confirming that plot wins are independent from being part of pool.

Yes your calculation is correct. I got 117.5 XCH total. Pool gave me 100XCH but I provided 61.75 XCH back to pool. Hence pool is losing lots of XCH from me. Note that these numbers are normalized to indicate the skew, they are not actual numbers.

My partials are pretty much 100% everyday as I check them regularly. I don’t understand why there is a such a big skew over such a long period.

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Consider yourself lucky. I farmed on the same pool and was definitely contributing more to the pool than rewards I was payed out. That eventually drove me to setting up my own monitoring solution for my farm and going solo.

EDIT: well “lucky” in the sense that you got payed, but probably unlucky if you were not generating estimated amount of blocks over this time period.

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Yes it looks like this is a beat down topic and everyone claims that this is just luck.

I am really puzzled with extreme skews even after a long period. I am on space pool since their launch. My estimated time to win is 5 days, so it is an OK sized pool.

What is your skew? How much did you get from pool and how many block wins did you have during that time?

My ETW is 7d with 660TiB farm (2 harvesters + 1 farmer), but that was not the case when I started with Chia & pool which was at launch of both. When I started I was just growing my first harvester/farm and once NFT came out I converted my plots and moved to Space pool. For small farmers pool is definitely the way to go (at least to monitor your farm), but once my farm grew I started to find blocks more often and noticed that over ~6mon I was essentially making ~20% less profit with pool than what I would make solo so I switched (in the second half of last year). Since I switched I definitely kept more rewards, at least initially, but over Jan-Feb things slowed down to the point of making me suspect that something may have been wrong with my farm but it was just a dry spell (no blocks for weeks!) as I could not find any issues with my setup and things started to pickup again at the end of Mar with multiple blocks found consecutively. That said if you are thinking of going solo make sure you have a very good solution to monitor your farm and you are able to keep your farm running 24/7.