Are you farming Stor?

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I Have a STORJ node and I really find this very confusing that you have a fork of CHIA called STOR.

This is trying to ride on others success by kinda copying more or less their name tag.

So for me, just due to the above is a No Go … sorry as good your intentions might be or not.


Thank you for your feedback.

Yes; , , …

Storj is token, Stor is cryptocurrency. Let the markets decide.

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Pal copie ne fonctionne pas :japanese_goblin:

I will be happy to assist you with anything! Feel free to ask here or join our Discord channel at Stor Network

No whitepaper? What is your purpose for existing? Will you be developing your fork at all outside of future Chia developments?



The Stor-Network github has exactly TWO commits. the first put up on Aug 28th and the second is the download being offered above. Their discord first comment was on September 9th.

Stor is brand spanking new, has no white paper, has not been reviewed for security by anyone, and is asking you to install their first windows version which was released with bugs just days ago.

Run away!! Do not install Stor software if you value your stability or security! This operation is at very least seat of the pants. I suspect worse … :skull_and_crossbones: :skull: :skull_and_crossbones:


Greenpaper will be published in the upcoming days. You can check “Why Stor” at

Stor is community-driven, we will focus on day-to-day use cases and small businesses.

Stop spreading FUD, check difference between source code, and install Linux.

So your users should all be able to do a security review of your software themselves and should learn and install Linux before using Stor coin?

Farming your brand new buggy fork with zero security is a risk that no sensible person should take.

By the way, there is already a crypto coin with the name STOR, but don’t worry, they are dead in the water.

I say again.

Run away!! Do not install Stor software if you value your stability or security! This operation is at very least seat of the pants. I suspect worse … :skull_and_crossbones: :skull: :skull_and_crossbones:

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It was reply to you. And you started spreading FUD, before you checked difference between source code, and compiled code yourself.

Wait, wait, wait… You are really naming it that? lmao… RED FLAG #1


Thank you for your feedback.

I gave the doubt of benefit of this fork, didn’t check really besides reacting on the STOR naming.

Fellow CHIA fans jumped on it and did their own due dilegence and shared which I can only applaud. @willphule @Aspy68 @david57 @cjd9153

Guess the STOR CHIA fork founders will have by next month a new token maybe called DOGE or stCHIA with a copied whitepaper and a better plan to fool people …

A small start of making the CHIA forum safer for all new and old by CHIA users doing due diligence and sharing their findings, this ain’t FUD.

Next, does the OP knows the difference between Token and Coin even looks like not by a previous reply.

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It is your responsibility to provide security and proof of it, not the consumers.

You could have written anything into your download. Are you keylogging me? Stealing my keys? Hacking my credit?

Get your github a creditable security review before expecting anyone with an ounce of sense to install your software.

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“Let the markets decide.”

Well, we are the market, and it’s not looking so great.

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What about constructive feedback how to improve Stor, before spreading FUD?

In the crypto industry since Burstcoin started.

You got the constructive replies by CHIA fans

  • Whitepaper - non existing
  • Domain age - cheap shared hosting
  • Github rep - Security review required
  • Timeline - non existing
  • Goals - non existing
  • Naming fork - seriously this is old scam/ico stuff


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You still seem to feel that it is the community’s responsibility to help you develop and secure your product.

It is not. This burden rests on you and you have already failed.

My suggestion would be to move to testnet stage and properly develop and review your block chain and software instead of moving directly to implementation.

I have said all I wish to in this thread and do not wish to argue.

Thread Muted.