[ASK] Two output folders for Bladebit | Will there be multiple GPU support

This is a small ask to allow us to specify two output folders instead of one. I can definitely script this but exiting chia_plotter in cuda mode is very slow and creates stall due to heavy memory operations. By having two output folders, it will greatly help to get the most of the powerful GPUs.

I am also curious if there will be multiple GPU support, I am trying to plan my purchase, right now I have two 1070’s; I am considering to sell them and get a 3060ti if there will not be multiple GPU support ( I am not worried about the power cost).

No idea what chia’s plans are on this, but in the mean time, this works really well and can just run in the background while bb is still running.

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This is good stuff. wish I had known about it before I wrote my script but I will copy paste part, especially rsync part.

Still looking for clarification for multiple GPU support. I just need the clarification so I will shop for more powerful GPU and sell my 1070’s

Best ask on keybase, havent heard anything on multi gpu support.

This is the timeline they posted before