AssertionError while checking plots


While checking 1 plot I’m getting this error:

<class ‘AssertionError’>: error in proving/verifying for plot /path/to/plot
Proofs 1 / 30, 0.0333

Has anyone seen this error before? Is the plot unusable or unsalvageable now?


Maybe try running this command on that directory to see if you have a corrupt/invalid plot?

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I should have added to my question to clarify. The above is the error I get when I run

chia plots check

Ah, I see. That’s potentially concerning, it seems to be failing on that first plot. Maybe try moving that one plot out of that directory and running it again to see if you can get no errors?

Yeah, it’s pointing to a single plot file so I guess I will have to sacrifice that one. Too bad because it takes a long time to produce even one.