At least disks are cheaper today

I have a standing bid on e-waste disks - this morning i picked up a couple of bundles at a 30% discount (about 56TB worth) to what they have been going for recently

Silver linings … lol

Mind share how much per TB hah?

About $12/TB - i fancy getting some more as my budget allows - a fraction of a new disk for sure

I also have to pay for a 4 way SFF-8087 splitter, a 4 way power splitter, a fan and some “felt” to divide them to allow airflow - for each block of 4 disks - caddies not required

2 HBA (2 farmers for redundancy) and 1 SAS Expander per 32 disks + an external to SAS expander cable

I’ll probably dig out a couple of old server PSU from my mining days and deploy some cheapo DC->DC converters to convert 12v to 5v DC - i like playing DIY rather than buying. I noticed that disks are rated for 0.6-1A peak on 5v which really means you cant go over about 15 on a typical PC PSU (most are capped around 20a on 5v) So about £10 per 15 or so disks for a basic buck converter - i just need to work out how to implement a staggered startup to stop the power surge

Make an enclosure or 2 to keep neat and cool - and forget it is is there - dip into it to archive my media collection occasionally

Nice, congrats on your setup. I could not find such good deal in the US.
Agreed, those server PSU 1100W are dirt cheap. Just don’t have the time to do this stuff.

Yeah, probably just find it fun to play with. Earning is next priority.

I am not doing this as a business - a few DIY enclosures in the corner is enough - and when it is no longer economical enough ill convert to RAID and use for long term media storage where i can spin down the disks for archival/backup

It would be so nice to be able to buy old disk for a good price, but I’ve been looking around here in Holland with sellers of refurbished stuff, and (bankruptcy) auction sites but prices are crazy here for used stuff.
10 euro for a 6 year old WD blue 500GB…and that’s just opening bid :sweat_smile:

You can’t buy them in singles - you have to commit to 10-20 disks in bulk

SAS 7200 - quite fast at 160MB/sec - good for 600MB/sec as a block of 4 in RAID - dated 2012-2015 depending on brand/model

Not so power efficient as a modern 12+Gb disk but not like GPU mining either

They are good for another 4-5 years, especially as chia is tolerant of failure of the odd disk here and there

In my experience auction sites are a scam, nearly always more expensive than even new stuff