[AU] Selling 40x Seagate BarraCuda 5TB 2.5" SATA HDD ST5000LM000


Purchased new, used for farming over the last year. Selling as bulk lot (single carton) for $4000 AUD.

Low-power 5400RPM drives. Read/Write Power, Average (W): 1.9/2.1

Full spec sheet: https://www.seagate.com/www-content/product-content/barracuda-fam/barracuda-new/files/barracuda-2-5-ds1907-1-1609us.pdf

Free shipping Australia wide, can ship internationally at buyers expense.

Carton dimensions: 50cm (L) x 26cm (W) x 16cm (H)
Carton weight: 8KG

$20/TB? 20TB drives are ~$15/TB.

Not even close - Last 8 new 20TB 5yr warranty HDs bought @ $12/TB

…just not Australia

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I recently picked up 18TB drives from Server Part Deals for $179.99, each.
That’s $10/TB.

Their price went up to $199.99 the next day = $11.99/TB

Their 20TB drives are currently $234.99 = $11.74/TB.


Wish I could find something like that in the UK.

Check their shipping cost. Maybe it will not be prohibitively expensive?

Worth a look, but we get 20% VAT added on, and then handling fee’s for collecting the VAT which is often another £40 :frowning:

20% is obscene.
And then the handling fee, too.


What taxes / fees, etc do you pay when purchasing locally?

Most things are taxed at 20% VAT (value added tax) which goes to the Government, I think you call it just sales tax in the US.

Oh. I thought that the VAT was due to overseas shipping.
Since it is on all purchases, then it is a wash. An expensive wash.

So maybe the total cost from Server Part Deals might be worthwhile?

Are the handling fees applied only to overseas shipments? Or is that fee also applied to all purchases?

FYI $4000 AUD works out at ~$13.50 USD per TB, which here in Australia is rather well priced imo considering our import costs etc.

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One thing I like about the EU is they force retailers to display prices with VAT/taxes included, we don’t get that in the US so we end up paying more than we think because we’re so used to taxes not being included. Some places have sales taxes over 10% so its not that far off from the EU, but since they don’t include that on the shelf price we think we get much better deals psychologically since we have been trained to ignore the tax and only see the shelf price lacking it.

“I got this for $199” becomes $220 for some people, we should add taxes to shelf prices, truth in pricing benefits consumers.

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13.5usd per tb is expensive, because those are small drives with high power cost, and you can get below 10 usd per tb in bulk price for 16tb+ drives quite easily. Just explaining why they probably won’t sell at that price.

This would be great 20 years ago, sorry…

Their power usage is not high. They’re actually more efficient than many higher capacity 3.5" drives. Having an average read consumption of 1.9W = 0.38W/TB. Compared to an 18TB EXOS drive at 9.4W = 0.522W/TB. When idle they consume 1.1W = 0.22W/TB whilst the 18TB EXOS idles at 5.3W = 0.29W/TB.

Put your glasses on. These are 2.5" current compute spec series, not 3.5" power hungry dinosaurs.

The power cost is not just the drive, it’s also the server. Find me a 2.5" drive JBOD and I’ll agree, but I don’t know that those exist. I’d much rather use big 18-22tb with equivalent power usage per drive slot and higher storage density, than a small 2.5" that I can’t even use anywhere because of its thickness (doesn’t fit in laptops or 2.5 external cases - ask me how I know).

Also, you can ignore the trolls in this thread, they’re just being annoying because no mods are around and they haven’t been banned yet.

I ran these in Dell MD1220 JBOD’s, which are 2U with 24 x 2.5" drive capacity. Sure, they don’t fit in “slim” laptops being 15mm vs standard 7mm/9mm but they will fit in some, more importantly they’ll fit in pretty much any enterprise class JBOD. There are much denser 2.5" systems than 3.5", though the super dense ones are designed for 2.5" all-flash NVME storage and $$$$, but will work within them too (standard SATA pinout). Supermicro also has some previous gen 72 x 2.5" 4U JBOD’s etc but yeah the MD1220’s were on-hand and worked well.

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The point was there only 5TB

Your point is of no relevance where chia farming is concerned. Drive capacity is not the only metric to evaluate.