Bad beat flax story ... I made this mistake so you don't have to

So I installed flax on one of my plotters just to double-farm my roughly 1000 chia plots. I have been gradually replotting OG plots.

I entered my chia private key (with some trepidation but since the plan was to send any rewards to a cold wallet, like I do with chia, and the machine I plot on has never had chia on it as I use madmax, I was happy to proceed).

Farming was going well, 5 days to win. I forgot about it. I checked it every now and again, but no XFX oh well - probability I guessed I just had not been lucky so far.

Only when I installed could I see I was getting a lot of missed challenges etc… So given this was all over network shares I moved the flax setup to a VM on the same machine as my chia farmer. Still nothing, reported that I was at 1100% effort i.e. I should have won blocks 10 times by now.

This is when I realised my two errors:

  • Not entering the cold flax/XFX wallet address. So my rewards if they were happening at all were being sent to a chia wallet where they disappear.
  • Not keeping tabs on the setup and realising the issues with the flax farm.

I have now corrected the error and won a block today, so I finally have 2XFX. I should have around 20 by now though.


Can you elaborate more ?
First what cold wallet you are using for the flax ?

And what you mean by not keeping the tabs ? What you changed here to fix this ?

I created a second wallet on flax on a clean computer. I recorded the mnemonic key and the receive address key which begins xfx… Either on paper or in some other secure way. Then I uninstalled flax and removed all traces of it from that machine. Ideally you would also reset the operating system.

I then set the flax gui client rewards address on the “farm” page there are three dots, click “manage farming rewards” and enter the flax receive address for your cold wallet. Now any rewards earned on flax will go to a flax wallet (not a chia wallet, as chia wallets cannot accept flax) and it is secure as no one can access the funds on the cold wallet.

As for keeping tabs what I meant was that I did not pay attention to the flax setup, I just set it up and forgot about it, had I fixed it earlier I would have earned much more XFX. However, in the long term it is just a minor problem.