Bad plots - delete or any way to heal them?

Month passed with 250plots+ with zero luck and im trying to find out what is happening.
run chia plots check i found that some plots are bad (mb 10 from 260, check still in progress):

 2021-05-02T05:23:29.232  chia.plotting.check_plots        : ERROR    <class 'RuntimeError'>: Src size is incorrect error in getting challenge qualities for plot \\\Download3\plots\plot-k32-2021-04-22-03-01-5002ec81901d9db099bf5228b198d8316d6080642c14c598aea59d5672ae0dca.plot
    2021-05-02T05:23:29.233  chia.plotting.check_plots        : ERROR       Proofs 0 / 30, 0.0

    2021-05-02T05:28:27.364  chia.plotting.check_plots        : ERROR    <class 'AssertionError'>:  error in proving/verifying for plot \\\Download3\plots\plot-k32-2021-04-22-15-09-b5ef16ef0cb74518ca456cc0bb7b2e2f126f38a990569cf8ff2ad3b28cd0f185.plot
    2021-05-02T05:28:27.365  chia.plotting.check_plots        : ERROR       Proofs 2 / 30, 0.0667

    021-05-02T05:23:28.819  chia.plotting.check_plots        : ERROR    <class 'RuntimeError'>: Src size is incorrect error in getting challenge qualities for plot \\\Download3\plots\plot-k32-2021-04-21-13-53-d6e106d20933ec9b2726c3a409610e906cb25eaa27948eff1ceb524a3b3ab8d3.plot
    2021-05-02T05:23:28.820  chia.plotting.check_plots        : ERROR       Proofs 0 / 30, 0.0

    2021-05-02T05:14:11.000  chia.plotting.plot_tools         : ERROR    Failed to open file \\\18tb-greenwater\plot-k32-2021-04-24-05-23-d62f15714f0dd0315db76eaa110181081ec9ba8e2f35f240adea7eb8f18853dd.plot. Invalid file \\\18tb-greenwater\plot-k32-2021-04-24-05-23-d62f15714f0dd0315db76eaa110181081ec9ba8e2f35f240adea7eb8f18853dd.plot Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "chia\plotting\", line 183, in process_file
    ValueError: Invalid file \\\18tb-greenwater\plot-k32-2021-04-24-05-23-d62f15714f0dd0315db76eaa110181081ec9ba8e2f35f240adea7eb8f18853dd.plot`

is there any way to fix them or they are lost and i should delete it?

Also, if someone tells me how to accurately check that I am running into the luck factor, and not the failure of my equipment?
(ports are open, I have two more harvesters in my network, maybe they are knocking something down).

If someone look at my recent log and tell im ok, i’ll be gratefull

Not that I know of; if it says they’re bad, the only fix is to delete them and re-plot.

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Your log has many errors about the wallet. Something is definitely out of place. What version you running and what OS? Also, what information did you follow to setup the harvesters?


Im runing chia 1.1.2 and Windows 10 64b 20H2
main machine : Full node + harvester + plotter (its has access to all plots in the network)

and 2 machines plotters seperate same local network
wallet :: xch17500dz6l0yukr4c52ulmytleh5thgyfcxuxjjp3pnwc4r54vnues5f60zu
Public Farmer key:
Pool key::

How i installed plotters (i thought that plotter and harvesters is the same at the begining):

installed Chia 1.1.2 on harvesters, entered mnemonic, dont wait for sync, quit chia GUI,

  1. than copy pasted “CA”
    from Full Node to plotter machine (not same folder, just to have access).

  2. then on plotter made
    chia init -c “path\to\CA”

  3. Changed config.yaml enable_upnp: true-- changed that to false twice in config

  4. and farmer_peer: host: 192.x.x.x

  5. Сopied blockchain files from main machine not to sync twice.

now I know that it wasn’t necessary, as plotters only create plots and don’t collect chia in a wallet.
So I just running the plotting process with the -f -p switch and enter my keys.

I wouldn’t delete them without doing more troubleshooting. The one that says Failed to open file could be a hint that you have more of a networking/computer problem than a Chia problem.

Definitely don’t delete the one that says it had 2/30 proofs. That one will be interesting to do more checks on. The person that wrote chia proofs check was hanging out here for a bit and said to re-run those with a higher number of checks. Try this:

chia plots check -n 100 -g "b5ef16ef0cb74518ca456cc0bb7b2e2f126f38a990569cf8ff2ad3b28cd0f185"

Make sure you rule out network issues first, but if that still produces a super low number, try it with -n 1000.

chia plots check -n 1000 -g "b5ef16ef0cb74518ca456cc0bb7b2e2f126f38a990569cf8ff2ad3b28cd0f185"

Maaaaan, already deleted all it after codinghorror comment, now i will never know…

If those were the only ones it might be more hassle to diagnose the issue than to just re-plot them, so I wouldn’t be too torn up about it. I accidentally deleted 8 while I was getting going and others have done worse.

If it happens again, move one of them to your local machine and check it. That eliminates the network and whatever hardware you’re using on a NAS or something.

thank you, good advice ! Can you advice anything about debug log?

There’s not a ton of info in the log you posted, but I’m not aware of a way to get anything more detailed.

For any that say Src size is incorrect it’s complaining the size is wrong, so you want to make sure they’re about 108GB. If you have other plots that aren’t failing they should all be roughly the same size.

I know I saw a few where the plots finished and failed to do the final copy because my -d disk was full, but the logs didn’t give any indication of the problem. They said the plots copied successfully and deleted the .tmp files even though they failed, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your target disk.

Sorry. I didn’t notice you posted another log. It has a lot of errors in it. I’ll skim it in a bit.

Most of the errors in you log are related to connectivity (ie: network). What’s on that IP that shows up so much? Is that your host?

Also, make sure you’re on the most recent version. The timestamp in your log looks like the old format before 1.1.x. If you’re on a version older than 1.1.x I think it’s expected for nothing to work.

my network is
dont think that is my host, anyway maybe…

i changed log from WARNING to INFO now i have tons of info and log is growing allmost like a plot )
I have a 1.1.2 version of Chia

what do you think about wallet errors, is it crucial?

Sorry. I don’t know enough about it to know if you must have a connection to the wallet to win coins. It looks like it’s failing to start the wallet. Beyond that I don’t have any advice that wouldn’t be a total guess. You might have to ask on Keybase if no one else here has any suggestions.

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