Badge for Successfully Solo Mined Chia?

Can we add a badge for those who successfully mines a chia block solo mining?

I suppose it would have to be at request and honor system unless people provided their wallet address

I got my first reward at 2,5TB,
but I think people should not get rewards or fame for being lucky.
Or in other words “stop making stupid people famous”

I was thinking more of demonstration of success to inspire hope :slight_smile:

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I agree, Most of the frustration people experience is the unknown when they will see any return. I also agree it would need to be something automated with the wallet.

The flip side, Its the nature of the beast. If someone wants instant gratification then there in the wrong place, So it might be better for everyone if they just move on.

If you think about it, Its just like the lotto. If you wash your ticket in the machine machine it wont matter if its a winning ticket.