Balance is 0 after importing existing Chia Native wallet

I have moved all my chia from exchanges to Chia Native wallet last year april and recently wanted to check the balance. I downloaded the app again and restored existing wallet with 24 mnemonic phrases. To my surprise the balance is 0! I checked the transactions on XCHSCAN by typing wallet’s address and realised that it contains the amount of tokens i was sending last year. How can i restore the balance on my wallet to be real again and to be able to use tokens?

Is your wallet synced?

How can i sync it? Appreciate your help.

Go to Tokens in the Chia GUI and then on the top right you see wallet and behind it it must be a green “checked”

Can’t really see it in my app. I downloaded the wallet app from chia webpage yesterday and installed it. Are we talking about the same?

It just worked!
While i was still typing previous reply!

Thank you a lot, all is set and correct! Thanks so much and have a nice day.

It was clearly still syncing and building the wallet DB, look at your picture, top right, the wallet is not green as shown by @eichof

Your welcome it needs some time to sync your wallet! :wink: