BBDD shared X PCs

Is possible to have two (or many) pc connected to only one bbdd on external (or shared) HDD ?

You can connect the HDD to 1 machine and share it to the other machines.

Does not work. When I started to farm the second PC, first one stop farming.

Setting up a share of your disks has nothing to do with what’s running on that pc. What exactly are you running on each PC?

Multiple plotters transferring files to a big ass harvester becomes a problem for me. Home network is gigabit. 100 some MB/s most it can do for harvester accepting plot files.

You can do this, So why not have the disks connected to the plotters, and when their full connect them to the farmer.

One computer is only for farm. The other only plot, but if all them share the BBDD in one HDD (on the farmer machine), the farmer stops to farm. So I must have two BBDD one for each PC.

So what are you calling a BBDD? Alot of people plot to a hard disk when full connect it to the farmer. Then connect another empty hard disk to the plotter and repeat and repeat.

A 18TB disk can only hold 165 K32 plots, so if your looking to do this you need to make plans to get a least 5000 plots etc. And that is still small potatoes …

The BBDD is the chia blockchain data base (in SQLite).

Why do you think the plotter needs access to this? Only the farmer needs access to this database.

It do not need this. But, when I connect the plotter, it starts to upgrade the BBDD, and I want to connect it directly to the farmer BBDD just because I do not want to download it again. The problem ? When it connect to the same BBDD, farmer PC stop to farm. So for this I want to know if many computers can connect all together to one BBDD in other PC sharing the HDD.

You can just copy the plotter from your farmer installation, and you don’t need anything else on your plotting machine (just that single file). Although, you will need to use CLI to plot.


I take my plotting machine offline - no ethernet, no wireless. I realize I should quit being lazy but it works for my use case.

After opening Chia, I start the plotting process then turn the wireless off. Chia sits there with a broken unsynced database but plots just fine. I have to delete the wallet DB files and turn wireless on for a bit before opening Chia again next time - but it works fine and doesn’t waste a ton of bandwidth syncing multiple database copies.

Try it! Unplug the network after starting your next plotting batch.

Or listen to these guys and do it the correct way with harvester setups or stand alone plotters or CLI commands. Do it right once and save some headaches is the preferred method.

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You need to use CLI. Just a simple PowerShell prompt, cd to the place where you put the plotting .exe and paste a cmd in and away you go. Simple-dimple. Screw running a node sw on it, just slows everything down, and wastes memory/cpu/energy.


Yes, I’m using a CLI, but, when I start Chia app in the plotter machine, It starts to update the BBDD, and if I put the path of the BBDD in the farmer machine, this machine stops to farm.

Yes, but…

I want X computers (could be 2 or one million) with only one BBDD on one machine, It is possible ?

All attacking together to the same database.

Either I’m confused…or you are.

First, when plotting, there is no database. None. You do not start the node (I think you call this the “Chia app”) on the plotter, you only start the plotter sw. The plotter is an .exe file with parameters.

That’s as simple as it gets. No node sw, only the plotter .exe is run. No database whether one one or a million plotter machines is used or updated. Never, ever.

Your db is only used on your farmer PC. … nowhere else. You harvester/farmer connects to your plots, that is the only use for the db. That is part of the node sw (You call it the “Chia app”).

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Everything you said is OK. Perfect. Could I return to the main question? Can I run many chia.exe app in distinct computers only with only one BBDD ? When I said in the config file “there is the path” and I run the application in the ploting machine, farmer stops farming.

EDIT: As you suggested, I did not use chia.exe to plot.
EDIT 2: I use terms “plotting machine” and “farming” as examples (is the reality, but could be not).