Benefits of farming on another rig?

Currently plotting and farming on the same rig. What are the upsides of keeping farming separate? So far I’ve realized when I need to update I have to shut plotting down and that’s a major one.

Would I be able to run a 32TB farm on a single Raspberry Pi 4? How would you transfer plots from temp to the Pi? Over LAN? On the Pi do you install the GUI or just run the command util?

Would like to hear others thoughts and experience migrating from a single rig to isolating concerns.

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Easily without a doubt. I got plot-shamed in the support channel on keybase when one of the mods said someone was farming SIXTEEN THOUSAND plots off a single Raspberry Pi 4.

165 plots fit on a single 18tb drive, so by my math, that’s… 97 18tb hard drives worth of plots… on a single… Pi 4. NINETY SEVEN DRIVES.


Crazy! Did they say how?

I see using SAS connect with Raspi 4 PCIe wouldn’t be impossible.

Or maybe it was just running iSCSI initiator software?

My imagination ends here, or there despite r/RedneckChiaFarmer

I would think JBOD disk shelf would be more efficient at delivering power to the drives than I dunno… Several tangled power supplies?

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Many people did that back in the day of Burst coin, but on GPU accelerated full PC to read all plots within time limit.
For Chia, this is way more efficient!

Back to the topic… I think it’s in term of private key and security. In full node with farming mode, you have your private key installed and that’s the huge risk.

The plotting rig only needs public key in the batch file or whatever, less risk.
Pls correct me if I’m wrong.

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