Best Buy rewards

During the Black Friday sale’s season, I purchased a PC from Best Buy.
I checked my rewards, and my balance was 0.

Normally, for each X dollars you spend, you get a $5 certificate, good for future Best Buy purchases.

Now, in order to quality for reward certificates, you must place your orders on a Best Buy credit card.

So if anyone is thinking of ordering drives, or anything else from Best Buy, keep the above in mind.


This is true. The change was announced January 11 2023 and took effect February 14 2023. They issued reward certs for remaining balances soon two months after, as explained in the email from January 11 2023.

The second change is that on February 14, 2023, earning points on eligible Best Buy purchases will become an exclusive benefit of the My Best Buy® Credit Card. To continue earning rewards on your Best Buy purchases, you can apply for the My Best Buy® Credit Card and earn 10% back* in rewards on your first day of purchases.