Best Plotting Settings

Hello there ;

I wanted to consult you for the most suitable settings for my system.

64 gb 3200Mhz Ram
240GB SSD ( For OS )
2 x 2TB NVME (RAID 0)
3 x 14 TB 10K RPM SAS(RAID 0 )

Plot Size ? (I think k=32 )

Plot Count ? (I think 1 )

If I will need parallel, how many minutes?

Ram Max Usage ? (I think 4700 )

Number of threads ? (I think 4 )

Number of buckets ? (I think 128 )

Enable / Disable Bitfield ?

Exclude final directory ?

I’ll choose NVME for temporary files

I will choose SAS disks for final file.

I don’t want to do it wrong and waste time. For this reason, I wanted to consult you. Thank you so much …

I dont have all answers but some of them because delay in initiating other plot will depend on your machine performance.

Plot Size => k=32

I config parallel plots using different queue. Queus with different name will run parallel.

NVME for temps is ok. SAS for final also ok.

Thanks for replys. I will try some settings different. Have a good day

Number of threads is 2

Thank you for your reply. İ will check it

I read that nvme ssd is not the best for their low tbw.
What do you think abouot your experience?

thank you

A tip for the temp folders is top put each plotter to individual sub folder, D:\temp\plotter1, D:\temp\plotter2, that way you have an easy way to delete the temp files, say incase one plotter process hangs or you are forced to close one due to “out of space” on temp drive.


Hi guys,

I just got a computer with 12 threads, 28GB RAM and 720NVMe, I’m plotting with de MadMax in the Linux, but it’s too slow (phase 1 took 9956 sec). Which settings do you suggest for plotting?
Now I’m using -k 32 -r 8 -n 100 with temp1 and temp2, the rest default