Big Sur Port Forwarding

Really struggling to get my port forwarding setup. I’ve got a Huawei router and a Mac running Big Sur. It feels like I’ve read a million tutorials that only address bits and pieces, or go right into command line use (I’m too much of a noob). Anyone willing to help me step through it?

I’m only seeing 2 peer connections - any idea how to get more?

I run on Mojave seems fine. But big sur always got connection problem. So if you can best move back to mojave to be safe.

No don’t move back to Mojave. Keep your OS up to date for better security.

Port forwarding is done on your router. Look up instructions on how to do that with your router. I’m on Big Sur and have not had to change settings on my computer.

As for more peer connections, ask on keybase for an up to date introducer list.