Binance listing xch

Whats the holdup?
Binance list millions of shit coins


Chia probably wanna IPO first, so they tell them to wait … I donno

DYOR and put a question mark in your title

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It’s BLS signatures

Binance and others use HSM’s (hardware security modules) which do not support BLS signatures yet which is found in newer blockchain projects like Ethereum 2.0 and also Chia


you do realize this is a discussion forum, correct? Most posts here are questions… Are we just going to go around and tell everyone to do their own research?


@Mods Please put a question mark in the title or delete the thread. Thanks.

i dont know how if u tell me i will

I don’t expect chia to make many exchanges. Why would it? With all this shit coins.
Chia type of coin hit the s&p 500. IPO

Chia is in a class of its own.

Xch is set apart from all other coins.
Sure they are all cryptos but from a business standpoint they are fundamentally different.

There’s no coin like xch.

We will all be rich one day.


Virtually rich then?!?
Don’t we need at least one exchange to convert xch into real world money?
Been having this question for some time, as xch seems to be bought and sold all the time, but how…
Not a problem now because I mean to keep my farmed xch for a while;-)

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I use the app in android to buy and sell xch but there is also chia offers, remember?

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Thanks, I’ll look into, they have a website too I found;-)
But Offers is just swapping coins for other coins I thought?!?

S&p500 is an exchange.

And for now I think it’s on foreign exchanges is it not?

This Why u have to sign up tho.
For some silly app to get access to another country’s exchange?

Could all be made up.

Chia will become the next real dollar.

1xch equaling I’m sure 100k.

Once inflation gobbles us all up.

I find it shocking how little the price moves.
It’s Truly stable. Even now in thies times.

Sure it will be just as stable at 100k

My kids will buy thier first houses out of dads chia

I’m sure.

When does go mainstream I’m sure the word chia won’t follow xch as a currency.

I’m sure this new sovereign crypto will only be given to the plebs with the word xch.

Chia is only a word the mega rich like us use.

Feel me.


Don’t ask questions just farm till it hurts.