Black Friday hard drives UK

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Thanks mate, I missed that one

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Thank you for the heads up, great price! Shame I paid £314.99 for the last deal.

Holly molly, I bought my last 18TB WD drive from Amazon for $418.28 in the USA.

I spotted that this morning and couldn’t resist grabbing a cpl.

Thec18s do run a tad hot vs the 16s, but not too bad.

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How much did it cost ? I missed this one

In the UK £260, but I got one for £240 as had a £20 voucher from registering a Mastercard with Amazon due to the Amazon/Visa dispute.

It’s still active, I got 2 yesterday, just got another 1, tried 3 but it auto adjusted to 1 as its max 3 per person.
So I grabbed 3 x 16s as well that are 15£ a tb, still a bargain.

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And if you use that MasterCard on Amazon, you get £10 for every £1000 spent. Mounts up fairly quickly when you use it as a charge card for everything ( like Bones purchase) and avoid the credit fees.

Edit: you get the points for any purchases

If u import these UK 18tbs to US, do they charge any customs? Anyone tried in US?

281€ on exclude VAT, but I run an official business having VAT id so it cost me 281€ I did order two unit very good price most of the time I paid 350€

Send a msg and ask.
I bought of some sellers in the states, and paid no taxes or postage on top.
These ones are sold by amazon themselves though so not sure.

If it’s the same as here, you would pay taxes (and a handling charge) on anything that passes through customs, which it would have to to get delivered.

Thanks for this, just ordered 2 !

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So, the 18s are out of stock now at cheap prices.
They let me reorder 3 x 16s today though.

What is your price on the 18TB in the UK from Amazon?

I found that out also on the 18’s, Ran crystaldisk to see the temp. I clipped out the plastic grill on the top of the disk and the temp went down more than 25 degrees (F’)

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Those 18TB My Book drives are currently £319.99 on Amazon UK. They’ve got some 8TB Seagate warehouse returns with 20% off coming in at £99.69 if you’re quick as I think it ends at midnight GMT. I’ve personally bought several Amazon warehouse drives and only had to send 1 back due to bad sectors, maybe I’ve just been lucky so far!

No, they are usually good. Only once I received one with a smaller size, but Amazon quickly offered to refund me a very fair amount over the chat.

I got the 18’s for £259 ea when I first posted this.

Where do you find out about the Warehouse returns?