Bladebit always stop working at table 7

hello guys,
i generate plot files with bladebit c0 non compressed. with 128 gb ram.
when its arrive table 7 its always stop working.
i try use lower cpu core , and higher ofcourse.
i try use lower cache size (ram) and higher ofcourse.
i try use it windows 10 , windows server 2019 and windows server 2022. all same.
my pc spec is,
ryzen 3900
128 gb ram
2x nvme

i also try almost all bladebit version started with 2.0 not help.

my command is;

.\bladebit -n 250 --threads 12 -f x -c x diskplot -a --alternate --cache 101G -t1 D:\temp C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\final

any idea ?
thank you.

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What version of bladebit do you have, get the 3.1.0

hello, thank you for helping.
as i said i try almost all version of bladebit.

Did you check your DRAM hardware?
Looks like a memory error.

Try to use it with ubuntu. Windows also needs some RAM for the OS, maybe you are limited on your RAM.

256Gb system memory works great!!!

Yes it does but he has only 128GB of Ram! And Ubuntu would give you still faster plotting times than windows.

I like my 2.8 min plots…

Nice for you! Without any specs this is useless. As I told you many times before, if you are not able to handle a linux distro, it’s your fault! I run both linux and windows machines, and for chia plotting and farming I would still recomend linux over windows.

As much as I hate Linux, I would also highly recommend using Linux for plotting, Linux is just so much faster at plotting. Luckily I have 10GbE so could just copy plots off from my Windows server/farmer and not have complications caused by NTFS disks on Linux.

firstly thank you for all.
i am not linux person i like that but i can not mange it.
i receive a little help we solve this problem. we just deleted “-a --alternate” and working for now.
as a long term chia farmer i have to say that must be work because this plotter almost 2 years old.However, many things do not work as they should, for some reason I cannot understand.