Bladebit wrapper to cover some feature

Hello guys :slight_smile:

I was kinda disapointed to see some feature not (yet) provided by bladebit so, we did this

The main goal of this wrapper is to provide some feature like

  • Be able to plot on multiple disk destination
  • Be able to calculate how many plot it can be done without regenerating the buffer
  • Be able to replot (mean delete plot to win space while keeping the most space on farm)

We are currently working on staging. the goal will be to plot on ssd / nvme and use a plot manager to copy them on slow disk to make it more efficient.

We are currently both to plot with it, but any contribution will be welcome :slight_smile:

When I click on the link to join discord, it doesn’t seem to be in English.

Indeed, we are a french community. We should consider about having some english chan. This is mainly why

@drhicom Crypto LFDM this is a direct link for chia-english into our community

I clicked on the link and this is where it took me to verify etc.

Still no English

well the link for me jump me here

but for sure you need to verify etc etc.
Anyway, this is absolutely not mandatory the discord is for french cryptocurrencies in a large way, there is only a small portions about chia, including the pool part.

if you’re really interested about, dm me and we will take care of the procees to make you in.