Block fee... Will we finally get big bonuses someday?

Please tell us how much block fee you managed to receive in relation to the size of the farm.

For me it is 0.6 PiB (K33 C0) / 0.03 XCH.

What does it look like on your farms?

Not sure what you mean, the transaction fee’s you get on top of the 0.25 is in no way related to the size of the farm, apart from the fact you win more often with a bigger farm.

It’s how much fee’s people have paid for the transactions included in that block.


I just want to know how unlucky/lucky I am
with my hit blocks (which, however, contain random fee values). And in order for it to scale somehow - it is worth specifying the size of the farm (I will be able to imagine how much XCH someone receives on a monthly/yearly basis).

My last wins since middle of November:


If you’ve had 0.03 XCH on one win as a fee then that’s lucky compared to mine, although I have seen mention of somebody getting 1.75 XCH as a fee - somebody made a mistake!

As for farm size and wins, you can use Chia (XCH) Farming Calculator | XCHscan to estimate what you would win.

I received a total of 0.03 XCH from the beginning of farming…
I looked at the fee statistics. There are interesting peaks.