Blog Post - Does RAID Zero Help Parallel Plotting?

Latest in my Chia blog series. I set out to see if RAID0 helps in parallel plotting with NVMe drives. Feedback always welcomed.


Title should be updated to add in windows


These plotters all started at the same time. This means that the temp space isn’t really 256GB. It’s less than 250GB , but I don’t know the exact number. With this news, I’ve modified my formula here to reflect this change. Comparing this data with the previous one, you can see the benefit of having two NVMe drives. Its about 4000 seconds slower with just one NVMe at it’s limit. That’s more than an hour.

Wow that’s a great summary and good to know for sure! Keep the amazing blog posts coming!

Also concur that you gotta say “In Windows”, since we already don’t even know if that magical 10% slower thing is real or not since nobody has actually tested it on the same hardware to my knowledge… it’s just something that people say and repeat… it could be true… it could not be true… someone needs to science the :poop: out of this!

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