Blog Post - Does RAM Speed affect Plotting Speed on AMD?

Basically, yes. RAM speed does have an effect on Plotting Speed.

I still need to do more testing to see if timings also have an effect.


Very well done as always!! I suggest clocking the RAM way down in the bios to 2400Mhz as well. That’s always safe and will provide a fantastic low end baseline.

Also, this is relevant because EVERY AMD build I’ve done has defaulted to stupidly low RAM speeds, like 2400Mhz or lower! You have to manually go in and set it to the proper rated RAM speed, every single time…

It really depends on your processor and chipset. The sensitivity to ram tmings is the main reason I stuck with Intel for my builds for a long time, after finally building a first AMD system last year with a Zen 2 (Ryzen 3xxx).

The “value” option for Zen2 is 3600Mhz kits
The "optimal’ option is 3773 Mhz kits (but make sure you ahve a chipset that supports it like the X570 )

AFAIK for Zen 3 (Ryzen 5xxx) 3600 Mhz is still the “value” option, while the “more cash” point has moved to 4000 Mhz.

However, much depends on tuning due to the AMD architecure, so expect to put in some more work to optimize your system than in the Intel case.

I’d still like to see you repeat this test with 2400Mhz or similar.

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“* The RAM timings are worse with the 3600 Kit. Does this mean that RAM timings don’t matter that much? Is RAM MHz the king?”

CL18 at 3600MHZ is literally the same as CL16 at 3200MHZ. The subtimings are measured in clock units 18/3600 == 16/3200.

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