Buying an NFT (where/how?)

Wasn’t sure whether to put this here or in the Buy, Sell Trade section but here we go.

I was bummed when I didn’t get picked to receive a ChiaFriend NFT. So I figured I would see if there were any for sale. I quickly figured out that I have no idea how to even do that. Can someone help with instructions on how to locate one on the market? Not just a link to spacescan, mintgarden and Been there and I don’t see what I’m looking for. I must be just overlooking it. Your assistance is appreciated.

I have not tried it myself but I believe all you have to do is download an offer file, open the file with your wallet and press “accept”. If you are the first one who does that, the NFT is yours

Here is a pretty simple explanation of how offers work in general

So here is the dexie link with all the Chia friends that are on offer there :sweat_smile:
you can just pick one, download the offer file open it in your chia wallet.

Got it. Thanks. Two and a half weeks worth of farming for the cheapest one, I don’t think so. Oh well.

haha yeah every time I look at that I think exactly the same.

I won a Chia Friend.

Lucky. I even put two addresses in (my normal wallet and my cold wallet). I should have created a bunch of addresses and spammed the system. Improved my chances.

BTW, how can I check my cold wallet to see if it received one?

Append the address to any of the following URLs:

Pretty much an empty page. So I assume I didn’t get one. Oh well, that’s what I thought.