Buying plots vs plotting

If plotting services are around, how do we go about it? The plotting service will plot with our public key, and we download it. Copy to available hdd? In this case, the money can be spent buying plots instead than self plotting with expensive hardware. Right?

Like, instead of spending the money to upgrade hardware, can we just buy plots and download it to our hdd. In this case, just pay for hdd. N plotting service instead of expensive hardwAre like cpu / motherboard / rams.

Anyone can shed some light on this

You’ve got the basic idea. There are basically two models:

  1. Downloads. You buy say 10 plots, the service creates them with your keys, and makes them available for download. Depending on the network conditions between your local storage and the service’s server, downloading those ten plots will take several hours to several days (or more). IMO, this can make sense if:

  2. Low-Tech, High-Throughput (shipping hard drives). If you want to fill a 16TB hard drive, some services will have you ship one to them. They’ll fill it up locally and ship it back to you. This gets more and more attractive the more plots you want.

The tradeoff is exactly as you describe. With a service, you’re spending money directly on plots, with minimal hardware investment (mostly just hard drives).

I suspect using your own hardware is probably more economical in the long run, but you might have your reasons to want to use a service.

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Yeah no doubt. The only reason to use a service is to “keep up with the joneses” e.g. keep growing as the netspace keeps growing right now today … but I think that is a losing battle long term, eventually you’ll run out of $$ if nothing else. You can’t fight literally everyone on the planet for disk space lol.


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You can’t fight literally everyone on the planet for disk space lol.

Hold my :beer:

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I am stuck in a situation where my setup:
i7 10700F 8 cores 16 threads
64gb ddr4 ram
2 x 2TB m.2 nvme ssd (temp)
512 sata ssd (os)
A few externals hdd.

My setup is 8 plots by default. 4000ram 2 threads settings. (32gb)

The additional 32gb is wasted.

Thus wondering if whether to upgrade to 5950x (16 cores 32 threads) by defualt this will be able to run 16 plots at once. By i must further increase the TB (temp)

Or to take out the 32gb and make another 8 cores 16 threads setup. (In this case) it would be like running 2 nodes. Or if we apply same 24 words seed. It will auto join both computers?

Building new rig is costly | cpu, ram , SSDs,

It is also much more cost effective to just run my 8 cores plotting 8 plots at once. While using the money to just buy plots (that come with hdd) or just buy plots n download them to personal hdd.

Is there any huge storage servers so if buying plots would actually be space and time efficient? Like a mega storage unit. Because ultimately, it is all about the total capacity storage to have a higher chance at farming coins.

Basically even if u have a monster rig setup for lots of plots, there will come to a point that getting more hdds will the heavy cost.

It just feels more cost efficient to just buy the plots and connect them to your pc. Increase your overall plots. (Buying plots to farm more plots) save time | space

Im running on 1 Gbps internet.

Please advise

This is actually something you can calculate and get a relatively clear answer on. Figure out the price of doing it yourself then compare it to the price of buying plots basically and factor in how much XCH you are predicted to make over time. Use Chia calculator to get an estimate of return and then you can figure out your ROI.

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