BUYING: Your Farm! (Ontario, Canada)

Budget: $8-10K (USD)

Interested in:

  • An entire farm, preferably rackmount
  • Plotter, JBODs, HDDs

Not Interested in:

  • Drives smaller than 14TB
  • A hodgepodge of different drive sizes/brand
  • Buying random pieces of hardware or a few HDD

Location: Preferably local pickup in Ontario, Canada, but happy to work out shipping and using Ebay or some reputable platform to protect both parties


what exactly are you looking for, are you looking for some kind of turnkey solution?

I am pretty handy with Linux CLI, computer hardware, etc., so I am looking to buy an entire farm more for the discount aspect of helping someone offload all their gear in one trade.

Selling used hardware item by item is a huge time sink and a lot of hassle dealing with multiple people.

On the other hand, I have parted out what I would do if I went at it buying all the parts myself. It’s very doable and all available on Ebay or other outlets.

But I believe there would be better pricing with farmers looking to sell their farm and exit Chia farming.

Do you have a farm to sell?

I have a 4U super micro super storage with 90drives fully plotted (18TB) as well as 7 plotters (2U) all with 64GB of trident z ram, AMD 5950x, and dual 2TB m.2 drives each. I have all the original product packaging for the hardware inside the plotters.

Also, about 20 5TB portable drives, 8 8TB portable drives as well as a handful of 10TB and 8TB internal drives.

Various other hardware is also available such as the server rack itself (Dell), usb hubs, PDUs, gigabit switch, and even an air conditioner specifically built for a server rack.

Please let me know if you would be interest in making a deal and we can have a more in-depth conversation. I am located in South Carolina, US.

Hi, can you DM me? Are you still looking to buy a farm?

What are you selling?