Can i combine both plotted final file into one chia address?

i have 2 units PC plotted final file with 2 different chia address is it possible for me to combine this 2 PC plotted file into one chia address reason why I wanted to combine them so ESTIMATED TIME TO WIN can have a shorter time frame from 2-3 months to maybe 3 weeks

Below A pc screenshot has 1.782TB plotted already

Below B pc screenshot has 2.87TB plotted already

So is it possible appreciate and thanks in advance if anyone can answer :slight_smile:

Hi there - if they were plotted/created using different keys/addresses, I am afraid you will not be able to combine them into one.

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thank you for the answer :slight_smile:

means even if i used A, B, C pc to create the plotting i can use the same address/keys in A , B ,C pc is it ?

Not sure I quite understand your question, but if you mean to create plots on different machines, yes - you can use as many machines as you want to create plots as long as you specify the farmer and public pool key from the main node/farmer/full node.