Can my Raspberry Pi 4 farm an additional HDD enclosure?


I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4 GB farming 4 HD in an HDD enclosure, connected via USB 3.0.

Would it be able to farm (harvest, no plotting) an additional HDD enclosure with even more drives or should I consider getting an additional RPi?

Why not expand via larger / more USB hubs? You can have up to 128 USB devices as I understand it, and farming is very low intensity.

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Ok that makes sense. I was just wondering about the RPi’s capacity to farm lots of HDD at once.

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I think it is definitely possible, and that’s my plan too.

Picture here of someone’s pi with 7 drives hooked up via hub Post your Farming rigs · Discussion #507 · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain · GitHub


Hey, I am just wondering why many people use those “cheap” hdds to store the plots. Those WD external drives are not meant to run 24/7. Is there any topic with information about how read-only impacts hard drives over a 3-5 years lifespan? I ask because Im struggling right now to decide if i should buy cheap drives or long lasting ones like WD reds.

They’re not supposed to run while reading/writing 24/7. They’ll survive for much much longer with nearly no activity for years.