Can plotNFT be created in cold wallet?

I have my node and farmer on cloud machine, and i have several harvester machines in my LAN … they all connect to remote farmer and this works well. Untill now, I farmed to cold wallet which i manage from my personal “clean” laptop and since 1.20 arrived, i want to start replotting but i am unsure if plotNFT puzzle has to be tied to same private key (wallet derivation 2)?

I understand that farmer needs “farmer private key” to be able to sign proofs (we use HOT WALLET for that ok), but it is unclear from documentation can plotNFT be kept in cold wallet as well?

I want to create NFT with cold wallet keys, and use that puzzle(address) in my plots. I am wondering, is farmer going to be able to sign proofs having only “farmer key”, and lacking nft puzzle key?

The reason for all this is because i cannot have 100% trust in cloud machine - theoretically it can be physically accessed and keys can be stolen and attacker gets to change NFT to whatever he wants, rendering my plots useless, or even worse, hijacking them and collecting rewards.

So ideal situation would be to keep plotNFT in cold wallet and “farmer public key” in hot wallet, but i am unsure if Farmer woud function properly :confused:

Anyone has more info on that plz?

A “cold wallet” by definition is not even supposed to have software running with the key added. You are supposed to create the key and store the mnemonic phrase in safe or something and just send XCH to it. Making it impossible to access without the key. I don’t really understand why you would want an NFT for that wallet. You are taking it further and further from its true purpose.

I see your point.

Lets say the pvt key you used to create your plots and plotnft gets compromised.

If the thief then changes the plotnft to his own pool, what happends?

Because you still have the plots on the local machine and thief does not.

Dont have an answer, but good question.

Dont think you can make plots using farmer key A and plotnft B, but worth a try.

To have the plot nft work, it has to be synced though so your “cold” wallet will be online

I think the purpose is to get the pool payout in the cold wallet. But I don’t think the pool payment address has to match the owner of the NFT.

I’ve written about this and currently I’m using my plot NFT from non cold wallet to farm rewards and pool rewards to my cold wallet.
See here:

I do see one valid concern. If you didn’t have complete control of the private key tied to the NFT, someone else could change it to a different pool or pay out address. Not exactly sure how to handle that situation. It isn’t much different than racing a competing farmer of OG plots on the same private key with a different payout address though.