Can we talk about Chia scaling?

Can anybody explain to me what Chia’s strategy is for scaling? How much TPS do we expect the current setup to support? Are there any plans on increasing that? Is everybody supposed to keep a log of all transactions forever? What about IBD times? If Chia would become successful and get thousands of transactions per second, would the current network support that? I can’t really find much info about it, 90% of talk seems to be about plotting and farming, but very little on how Chia would actually be used in the real world?
I’m not here to bash on anything, I really like PoST and truly think it is the best mechanism for maximum decentralization. I just can’t place where Chia is in the L1 scaling landscape.
Really hoping for a healthy and interesting discussion here :smiley:


Current layer 1 supports up to around 20 TPS minus batching, with no plans to increase that. Rapid transaction settlement is designed to run on Layer 2.


You should have a look at the last two ama’s from chia. Talking about roadmap and development there.
(Bit long to summarize)

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Thank you, will do so.

I summarize them all at

The latest one took 3 parts, it was so information dense.