Can you move your finished plots to another harddrive?

Hi !

  1. When you have finished plots can you move them to another harddrive somehow and maybe even to another computer ? Can you import plots ?

2 Another question if you have to stop your plots from being done halfway is there a way to resume them again or do you have to start over ?

  1. yes, you can import plots, they need to have the same pool and farmer public key
    chia plots create -f key -p key -a key
  2. I do not think that can be done

On item 2 there is no way to do that now, but the developers haver said that it is something they are looking at doing. It sure would be a nice feature!

Ok, so from the CLI only then ?
Don’t you have to specify where they are too ? Or do you add a new directory with add plot directory first ?

it does not matter if they were created using the CLI or the GUI so long as the same keys where used when creating them.

You are correct that if the directory or disk that you are copying the plots to is not already in the list shown under “Add Plot Directory” on the Plots tab of the GUI you will need to manually add the location yourself.

Also, you may see the moved plots show up as invalid on the at the bottom of the Plots tab after you have moved them. This is probably just the system getting confused because you moved plots that it was using from one location to another and now it is seeing double. Restarting the GUI will make this go away. I do not know if it interferes with those plots being farmed until it is restarted or not - I would do it asap just in case.

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If you use plotman, you can suspend and resume a running plot. (You can do the same with kill -tstp and kill -cont). Keep in mind this only suspends the running process. You won’t be able to reboot, and you probably shouldn’t be messing around with the temp files. But when I overfill a destination drive, I can suspend all the backed up plots, move files out to make room, and resume them one at a time to finish the copy without crushing the IO.


So then the very easiest way to move a plot would be in the gui to add plot directory then move the plot to that directory or reverse order and then maybe restart chia program ?

Sounds about right! that should work fine

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Thanks a lot !
I should avoid hanging the computer again so I don’t need the resume. But it is good to be able to move plots around when you get several harddrives and perhaps several computers. And you don’t want to begin from the beginning again.