Cannot access HPool account page

Can anyone access HPool Personal Center page? I get a blank page. Tried with different machines and different browsers but still the same…

I can login without problem on

Thanks for checking.

I can login as well but the Personal Center page (HPOOL 全球知名PoC硬盘哈希池) is blank. Can you see your account details as usual too?

yeah everything works fine for me

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Hmm… it must be me then. Will try on various configs.

Many thanks for checking and confirming.

hmm I just checked again and this time it worked very slowly and than I got a “System maintenance, please try again later!” message

Yeah, I got that too but my issue seems to be deeper. Tried from 2 different wifi networks + mobile. 3 different laptops + phone. Cleared cache, tried incognito, Still nothing.

I’ve been playing by the book and never double-farmed. But if they banned my account I’ll just delete everything and start re-plotting portable plots. I wasn’t planning to but maybe I’ll have to. I’ll wait and see.

In case it helps anybody in the future: The issue was on my end. I downloaded Firefox and tried with that and it worked fine. Still doesn’t work on Brave for some reason but at least it’s good to know my account is still working.

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