Cannot send from XCH wallet, connected, synced

Hi guys,

i have tried 2 transactions 1 hour ago, the values are in pending on my balance, but there is no trace about the transfers in transfers list and it just stays like, it doesn’t send the XCH to the respective wallets.

Any idea where is the problem ?

There is an instability issue right now in Chia blockchain that is causing stale partials.

omfg i have sent 4 times the amount…

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There is a dude sending single mojo back and forth in the network causing network issue. Single Mojo Network Attack.

yeah, this is what chia needed after all the price drop

My node has been stuck on ‘not synced’ for the last 2 hours or so and I noticed a large jump in the percentage of stales. Is this related?

Try adding a small fee. Your transaction should get priority.

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If your running on a minimal setup ( low spec ) the spam attack will slow your ability to validate blocks.

If your not synced you will def get stales.
Are they related, it’s entirely possible, but hard to confirm , especially with such limited details.

Thanks for this. I’ve put the blockchain db on an SSD (it was on a rather slow HDD before), restarted and all seems to be running smoothly now.

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