Can't find vdf_client binary?

Each time run chia from the command line ever since:

Nothing else seems wrong except never got any rewards. Is there any problem?
And I feel it weird that any web search leads to nothing.

It looks like that command is also starting the timelord binary which you don’t need to run. Follow the instructions here to get it working: INSTALL · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub


I don’t quite understand the timelord thing. It is always running, I think if it’s not required but doesn’t do any harm either, that’s right ?

From the wiki, and this is what I use, you should only chia start farmer which runs a harvester, farmer, wallet, and full node.

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did u ever get past this? I have the same problem I even built the client by hand, and put code into the launcher so that it explicility had the binary path;
All your reponses to this question are "U don’t need to use vdf-client’, duh that’s not the point, we want to run the vdf-client.
Sure for 99.99% of chia users, they don’t need to run the vdf, but for those who want to develop chia alt-blocks from scratch, we must run the vdf-clients

u have to build it your self, go to the vdf folder on the vdf github ( under chia-blockchain ) there you do a ‘cmake .’, and then a ‘make’, maybe for good luck a make vdf_client, and you’ll get the binary, now the problem, what do you do with it?
ON my system the glue to find the binary and use it is broken, you could put it in the /venv/bin I guess, I just got bored an quit

long ago on chia, I had the VDF working, but quickly found out that it brought my entire network to a halt, it took up the 32 core cpu, all cores 100%, had to hard reboot,
I would not run the vdf on a real blockchain, toy ok :slight_smile: