Can't Join Pool with 0 XCH?

I saw this post on Reddit and see that it links back to the legit site

I still have 0 XCH and am wondering if anyone here has heard of this. (I’m a bit skeptical as I can’t seem to find any other reference to their statement.)

2 Likes is run by the chia team to test out their pool distribution. Its legit. You will get 1 mojo to your account. 1 mojo is one trillionth of one XCH, its the smallest form of chia.

I have not heard that you can’t join a pool without XCH. I need to read this. Technically, your wallet address doesn’t really exist on the blockchain until XCH is transferred to it. You can test this by creating a new wallet then trying to find the receive address in chia explorer. It won’t appear until it has a balance.


Looks like the assertion you’ll need at least a mojo to join a pool is correct!


This is because there will be a (presumably chia lisp) smart contract that has to be executed to join/leave pools, and all smart contract execution is tied to a blockchain transaction, so you have to fire off a very tiny transaction to get your plots enrolled in a pool.


This should probably be pinned or something, or maybe send out an email to all forum users…

“FREE XCH” haha

You just know this is really going to cause havoc when pooling arrives and people are at 0XCH.

Since Bram is tweeting it, I’m absolutely sure it will be part of pool announcements next week, not to worry.

It’s an official faucet as well, seemingly exactly designed to facilitate pools.

Neat! This prompted me to check my wallet to make an address. And I discovered I recently won my first block! :partying_face:


Funny he called the real world “meatspace” :slight_smile:

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Yes, is the official Chia faucet, I also run which is pretty popular and widely used, allows 10000 times the claim amount as faucet and allows one claim every day. The official Chia faucet was built to give out just a mojo because that’s all you need to create a smart contract for pooling (your plots will be coded to the smart contract, which can allow you to easily switch pools without replotting by changing the pool within the smart contract), our Chia faucet was built to spread hope to people with a 0 XCH balance.

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